Financial Aid

At St. Thomas University, we are dedicated to providing students with the tools and resources that can help them successfully manage their funds while studying. Financial planning can be challenging, but with the right support and strategies in place, we can help students focus on their academic goals. View the resources on our website or reach out to the contacts below for further financial aid information and support.

Staff Support

Admissions Counsellors – Future/new students starting at 小猪视频 can connect with the Admissions Office ( for information on tuition, entrance scholarships, and entrance bursaries.

Financial Services – Make a payment plan for your tuition and fees by contacting   

Registrar’s Office – Learn about internal scholarships and bursaries, their deadlines, requirements, and more:  

Student Success Coach - to discuss things such as creating a personal budget as a student.

Career Development Advisor - to find out about employment opportunities and get support with financial aid applications.